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NYC Porn Film Festival



This is definetly not an event for the prude! 🙂

Welcome to the first ever NYC PORN FILM FESTIVAL!!! The festival is committed to bringing the best and most diverse body of work to New York City as a platform for both established and emerging talent. We aim to give credit to adult film as a significant and socially/culturally relevant art form. We are an open submission porn film festival, so we invited everyone & anyone to submit their creations to premier their work to the industry and general public. Because of advancements in technology like live streaming, faster internet, improved camera technology,anyone can become a major porn star. The festival will present how emerging, hip, tech savvy producers engage their audiences through these new technologies, as well as, showcase innovative ways of working in porn.The festival is taking place 27th February ­ 1st march 2015, at Secret Project Robot an experimental art gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn. Join us as we transform Secret Project Robot into a 42nd street 1980’s cinema experience!

Separate tickets are needed for each event and party.

Tickets/Info: http://nycpornfilmfestival.com/



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