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Storyscapes + The Tonic Journey (Tribeca Film Fest/Bombay Sapphire)



Storyscapes + The Tonic Journey

In addition to being registered for general admission to Storyscapes, you and up to three friends will be granted exclusive access to the Tonic Journey experience, where you will get to design your very own tonic with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® East Gin. Join nationally-renowned tonic-makers equipped with the tools, tinctures, and techniques to create a tonic mapped perfectly to your taste.

Explore the limitless bounds of flavor from bitter to sweet, floral to spicy, herbal to citrus, and beyond, using our fun, interactive tools and expertise. Choose the combinations you like best and make the perfect tonic, just for you. Each session lasts 1-hour and includes a complementary bottle of your custom tonic syrup (40 servings) and custom label, shipped to you free-of-charge.

Schedule your visit: 1-hour reservation timeslots




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