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CoffeeOne Brew School and Cupping



Have you always wanted to become a Coffee Master? Then head over to CoffeeOne’s Brew School where you will learn and taste your way through some of the best coffee’s and at home brew methods like a professional. All for free!

In their Home Brew Methods class, participants will learn the essential elements of brewing through a survey of V60, Chemex, and Aero-press. Participants will master the techniques of the ideal brew: proper grind, coffee ratio, pour techniques, and more. This class will employ a Toby’s Estate Coffee single origin coffee to demonstrate proper extraction and taste profiling.

Their Public Cupping is designed for enthusiasts of all levels. George Howell will lead you through a variety of curated offerings. The class will detail a brief history of the cupping rituals, and participants will learn to assess the full sensory experience by focusing on aspects of fragrance, aroma, break, brightness, mouth-feel and flavor. All of which will leave you with a better understanding of the complexity to be found within a great cup of coffee.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 7th

RSVP:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/coffeeone-brew-school-and-cupping-tickets-17173608726



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