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Walter Easterbrook, Founder and CEO of the Bowery Collective, brings us Arte Agave 2015, which is to be held on June 26th at the Bowery Hotel. Arte Agave is a unique celebración of fine agave spirits + arts + entertainment inspired by the richness of Latino culture.

Experiencing the Art of Agave.

After several noches of sharing, pondering and rambling, tres amigos decided to take a leap of faith together. We found common ground in our admiration of well crafted creations and the “artistas” behind them – creations that deliver memorable and meaningful experiences. For Walt and John, that came from worlds of premium spirits and hospitality. For Rod, that came from the worlds of design, brand and art. It’s at the convergence of those worlds that we set out to create Arte Agave.

Arte Agave was thus born of our mutual passion and appreciation of agave spirits + cuisine + the arts all wrapped in the values that define its very spirit: Respeto, Comunidad, Celebración, Innovación, y Pasión.

While it’s certainly meant to be a unique and celebratory experience, on another level our aim is to develop a platform for certain local businesses (including a few start-ups and entrepreneurs) to engage new customers and larger brands that could help them grow – a sort of a collaborative 21st century NYC-style “mercado”. A bit ambitious perhaps, but go bold or go home, right?

We’re deeply grateful to our amigos especiales who’ve joined us in starting this journey. And we hope you will also join us for what promises to be a gran experiencia!

Nos vemos en Arte Agave!– Walt, John & Rod

A few things to expect at this years celebration:

  • OPEN BAR with over 20 Estaciónes de Sabor with more than 100 varieties of Agave spirits.
  • Bespoke Cocktail Bar by Don Julio.
  • Hacer + Probar (Make + Taste) – learn the art of making agave inspired cocktails.
  • Special gift bags stocked with featured brands via Drcom
  • Customized chips and guacamole station by Añejo.
  • Patrón Margarita popsicles.
  • Special Prizes from Rolling Stone
  • WIN an In-home Private Tasting by Don Julio!
  • Arts and entertainment by Danile Valle, Katie Ruiz and La Sirena.

For tickets and further information visit: http://arteagave.com/


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