Around Town

Secret Summer Cocktail Festival

Hi guys!  I hope everyone had a chance to purchase tickets and attend the Secret Summer Cocktail Festival over the weekend.  It was such a delightful event and I couldn’t have asked for better weather since part of the festival took place outside in the garden.  Secret Summer, Shrunken Shakespeare Company, Rapt Affairs & The High Life Productions put together one heck of a 6 hour festival.

It was such a dreamy experience.  A wonderland for adults if you will.  There were little hidden rooms and tucked away spaces all around The Foundry waiting to be discovered.  There were aerialists, shakespeare actors, delicious food and tasty cocktails to be had thruout the nite by some of the top liquor brands such as Jack Daniels, Herradura, Queens Courage and many others.

Here’s some of the photos I was able to capture.  Enjoy!











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