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So if you are a last minute Christmas shopper like me and still need to get the drinker, bartender or at home mixologist in your life a present? Have no fear!   These are my personal top 5 choices.  Feel free to comment below if you have a recommendation as well.



Good Passports and Boozemenus team up to give you the Good Whiskey Passport.  It is a pass which you get 44 glasses of whiskey or cocktails for $37.  The best part is you get almost two months to use and any day/time of the week.

Good Whiskey Passport


Shaker & Spoon subscription boxes.  These fun boxes come with everything you need to make three different yummy cocktails. Including simple laid out directions.  Talk about convenience!  The current one being offered is a bourbon box. For a 15% discount use code NYC15.

Shaker & Spoon


It’s Ketel One Vodka’s 325th Anniversary and they have a fancy limited edition bottle to prove it.

Ketel One 325th Bottle


The newest whiskey hot spot in town, Whiskey Social, offers something special for a true whiskey enthusiast.   Being a Whiskey Social Club member allows you to have your own exclusive box with your name on it showcased in their whiskey room.  The bottle of your choice is yours only and to be drunk at your leisure.
These are super limited as there are a total of 50 boxes with only about 6 left.

Whiskey Social


Who doesn’t love a good copper mug?! Mug Mule offers a mini 2oz version.  They are the perfect shot glass and are 100% hammered copper.

Mug Mule

Comment with your opinions and other cool gift ideas below.


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