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Craft Cocktails At Your Doorstep


Do you love craft cocktails but don’t always want to spend $14 bucks for one if not more.  I’m talking NY prices now! Or maybe you just prefer to have an enjoyable drink in the comfort of your own home and impress your friends & family, then Shaker & Spoon is the way to go! Granted there are a lot of companies that have been creating monthly subscription boxes and if you’re like me you’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out which box to invest your my money in.

Shaker & Spoon sends you just about all the tools needed to create tasty cocktails for your friends (or just yourself!) along with simple instructions on how to make your cocktails as if you’re a professional bartender.  There are enough ingredients to make 4 cocktails each of the 3 drink recipes sent to you.  So you definitely get enough for the amount you’re spending, which is only $40 a month (including s/h). For 12 drinks, any New Yorker would tell you that’s an instant bargain. Added bonus…15% off discount using code NYC15


My box was the Winter Bourbon Box. Which by the way, you can pause your subscription if its a spirit you don’t quite enjoy. I had so much fun making these drinks and they tasted amazing! My favorite was the Berry Sour (pictured above). Shaker & Spoon will give you spirit recommendations but the cocktails are geared toward low or high cost spirits. I went with Bulleit Bourbon. I was shocked by how good and easy it was to make and once you’re done sitting down and having a drink you made yourself is the most satisfying feeling ever!


Reasons for recommending Shaker & Spoon:

  1. Huge Value – $40 x 12 cocktails
  2. Convenience – All ingredients (except alcohol) needed are shipped to you. (bitters, syrups, fruits, etc)
  3. Skill level – Step by step instructions make it simple for everyone.
  4. Quality – Their in-house made specialty syrups are top notch.

Upcoming boxes:

  • January – Winter Bourbon Box
  • February – Gin Lovers Box
  • March – Tequila’s Box

For those who like to have fun being creative, can appreciate a good drink, while saving your money and making you the ultimate party host then Shaker & Spoon is the monthly box for you.

If you’re interested be sure to use the code NYC 15 for a 15% off discount on your 1 & 3 month subscriptions.


CHEERS & HAPPY HOLIDAY!! 🙂  I’d love to see your Shaker & Spoon made drinks.  Tag me @nycgetsocial #nycgetsocial



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