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TrySome – Try Food & Products For Free


TrySome is the name and they want to give you organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free and fair trade food and products for free in exchange for your feedback.  CEO & Founder, Rune Knudsen brings us this great concept.  The company is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


CEO & Founder, Rune Knudsen

TrySome’s Statement:

TrySome connects consumers with manufacturers in an online community designed to create a win – win situation through the exchange of data, feedback and products. We know that many manufacturers want to produce high quality products under sustainable and responsible conditions. Their challenge is to make sure enough people want their products, before they spend a lot of money to develop and market them.

By joining TrySome you can help manufacturers understand what is most important for you as a consumer when you decide to buy a product. This can save manufacturers and you a lot of money. The bigger our organic community is, the lower the prices will be.

It will work in four easy steps.

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Get $20 in monthly credit (paying members get free shipping) & choose products.
  3. Try the products.
  4. Share your thoughts. (optional but it will get you more credit)


TrySome will have products in many categories ranging from cosmetics, skin care, beverages to groceries.  A few of the companies they currently have lined up are Kur, Raw Green Organics, Udo’s Choice, EXO and Noyah.

To be one of the first people to be a part of this great concept via their soft launch in January support TrySome’s crowd funding campaign on Barnraiser. BARNRAISER

To find out more about TrySome you can visit their website. TRYSOME

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