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COCHON 555 – Post Event Update

This past Sunday, January 24th, Jonas was no match for Cochon 555 and the show went on!

This year’s competing chefs included Justin Smillie of Upland, Hillary Sterling of Vic’s, Danny Mena of Hecho en Dumbo, Mike Poiarkoff of Vinegar Hill House alongside winner Angie Mar of The Beatrice Inn.  Cochon 555 raised over $2,000 for the non-profit Piggy Bank.

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Congratulations to Angie Mar for winning and claiming the title of 2016 New York Princess of Porc.  She will now go on to Grand Cochon in Snow Mass Aspen.  For her menu, Angie chose Berkshire, raised by Brown Boar Farm as her breed of pig.  Dishes included Hagel, Schwein!: Heart Mett-Smoked Yolk with Burgundy Truffle, Parmesan and Fried Oregano, Fiesta de Porco: Pig Head Pazole-Smoked Confit with Chicharron, Cilantro and Charred Tomatillo, Fat Washed Don Julio and Mole Negro, No Sleeping with the Fishes: Whiskey Brined Legs, Stuffed Whole Head-Liver and Shoulder with Blood Sausage, God Save the Queen Bea: Pork Pie-Smoked Confit with Pearl Onions, Mince Meat Pie and Smoked Loin Wellington, My Jewish Childhood: Pork Fat Challah, Truffled Lardo De Crema and Smoked Pork Honey, and to close, Let Them Eat Pork: Blood Velvet Cake with Smoked and Candied Guanciale.

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For further information and to find out about the upcoming events please visit Cochon’s website.  CLICK HERE


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