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On January 21st, Old Forester, the original bottled bourbon, took us back to the basics.  An afternoon with the Old Fashioned.

Nomad Bar is where Old Forester fans came together to partake in Sunday Funday, as I like to call it, and celebrate their favorite bourbon.

Nomad Bar presented three specialty cocktails.  All of which can be asked for next time you stop by and visit them.

Start Me Up
Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon
Strega, Honey, Lemon, Ginger, Orange Bitters

Honi Honi
Old Forester 100 Proof Bourbon
Orgeat, Creole Shrubb, Lime, Coffee

Beau Four
Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon, Chambery Dry Vermouth, Amaro Cio Ciaro, Nardini Amaro, Cucumber

In addition, guest mixologists were on hand stirring up their own creations. Such as Brian Chambers from Hudson Hotel with his Reconfigured cocktail.

Small bites and the most sinful boozy desserts were had. Don’t tell anyone but I personally ate three of the cookies and cream Old Forester ice creams. 😊

Entertainment was had in the way of the soulful Miss Ida Blue belting out the blues. That gal can sang!! Guests were able to capture the day in a photo booth with all sorts of fun props.

To round off the day there was a special Old Forester Whiskey Row tasting with
Old Forester 1870 90 Proof & Old Forester 1897 100 Proof.

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