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Bounce Sporting Club
55 West 21st
New York, NY 10010

This past weekend I was invited and headed over to Bounce Sporting Club for their Not So Basic Brunch.*  It’s held every Saturday with a different music theme each week. This time around it was Justin Bieber. Can you say…YESSSS!! Ha ha!

I arrived for my 1pm reservation and was greeted immediately by the friendly bouncer and hostess & then seated. Wow! The place is huge and spread out with a separate seated lounge area in the back.

The Bieber theme was in full effect throughout. Justin balloons, signs, handheld face posters etc.  My friend and I had a blast with the props, as did all the other customers. Who could resist a selfie with the Biebs?!  I’m talking girls and guys who were all ready to snap that pic while tunes play in the background. Quite amusing actually.

Now on to the food and drinks. We both decided to forgo the unlimited champagne cocktails option ($19.95) and ordered individual cocktails created by Mixologist Spencer Elliott.


The kale margarita called both of our names. YUM!! It was super refreshing and the kale didn’t over power the drink, which I was a little worried about. It consisted of kale, ginger, lemon juice and tequila.

I present to you the Notorious BRG.  This special burger is only available on Saturdays during the Not So Basic Brunch.  It was layers upon layers of pure goodness.  Banana Jameson soaked french toast bun, triple Pat LaFrieda patties, smoked pork belly, truffle cheese hash brown, NYS sharp cheddar cheese, over easy egg and pickled hollandaise sauce. Two people could more than likely share this but I was greedy and had to have it all to myself!


My brunch buddy went with the BEC Sandwich (bacon, egg, cheese).  This had country bacon, over easy eggs and smashed avocado.  She loved it!


For my final cocktail I ordered the Apple Of My Eye.  It was fabulous! Another thirst quencher.  This one had Belvedere, apple juice, tea infused lemon, champagne and cinnamon simple syrup.

Reasons I would go back:

  1.  For their happy hour. $5 drinks & bites, Mon-Fri 4-7pm
  2.  When the gang wants to get together for a boozy brunch that will have great food & drinks.
  3. To experience Sunday Funday during football season.


  1.  The Notorious BRG is a must order item.
  2. Reserve a table for brunch later in the afternoon if you prefer a livelier atmosphere. It was quiet when I arrived with most patrons arriving around the 2:30/3:00p time frame.
  3. If you check in on your Yelp app you will receive 1 free banana Jameson shot.

Overall I enjoyed my Bounce brunch and would recommend it to others.  Simply for the fact that I can appreciate a boozy brunch spot that is good for delicious food and drinks. Too many times I have gone to places where you get one or the other. No thanks!

*I received a complimentary meal from Bounce.

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