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1 Little W. 12th St.
New York, NY 10014

When I was offered to come try out Bagatelle’s Spring dinner menu I wondered what I was getting myself into.*  As we all know, Bagatelle is known for their wild and crazy brunch day party.  Which I have nothing against, as I’d love to attend the crazy affair myself, but I’m assuming the food would be just good and nothing more.  Boy oh boy was I mistaken.  The food was exceptional and way beyond my expectations.

Menu items we tasted:
(Scroll over each picture for details)

The staff were great and very attentive which is always an important factor during a nice meal out.  At one point Chef Sebastien came over to greet us as well.

Some how after eating all of the above we managed to make room for desserts.  All of which were sinfully delicious!


Left to Right – Super Yuzu White Chocolate Tart (gluten free) / Pavlova Fraises et Vanille-Italian meringue crisp, strawberry marmalade & sauce, vanilla chantilly / Chouchou Caramel-Caramelized hazelnut mini choux puff, milk chocolate caramel sauce / Mousse Chic Choc-72% dark chocolate mousse, toasted pecans, chocolate biscuit

Gigantic Sundae

Gigantic Sundae – Ending the night with a BANG!!

The atmosphere was a mix between relaxed and then a more lively feel. When we arrived at 7:30pm it was fairly calm with low music playing in the background.  At around 9p is when the music became loud but not to the point where you couldn’t hear one another, bottles with lit sparkles were being popped and a few people were dancing in their area.  I really enjoyed the vibe.  It’s just the right amount of upbeat atmosphere for a weekday.

Reasons I would go back:

  1. First and foremost it would be for the exceptional food & service.
  2. For a special celebration or to treat myself, as the menu prices are on the higher end.
  3. For date night when I want to classy it up a bit.
  4. To partake in the craziness of the brunch party.

Share your thoughts & comments below and if you make your way over to Bagatelle I’d love to see your pictures.  Tag me on social media.  INSTAGRAM   TWITTER

*I received a complimentary meal from Bagatelle.  A fair and honest review is always given by me.


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