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Escape rooms are the latest thing to sweep the nation.  Hoodwinked Escape has arrived in Harlem and offers a perfect activity for a date night, friends/family outing and team building.

Hoodwinked Escape has a total of four rooms to choose from (Asylum, Hangover, Military Mission, Spirit of Harlem). Clue finders have to use their wit and intellect for critical problem-solving skills in order to solve mysterious puzzles and clues to escape out of the room in 60 minutes.  If you get stumped you can ask for clues via a walkie talkie.

Most people think it’s a piece of cake until the doors shut and you realize how quickly the time flies by and it actually takes team work and thinking to get out. It was fun and intense at the same time to beat the clock.  My team made it out with 5 minutes left on the clock.  Yay us!  My momma always said I was a winner!

The Hoodwinked Escape experience is open to all ages and a maximum of 10 people can participate per room which cost $28 per person/experience.  To extend your Harlem experience they have partnered with area restaurants to offer a Clue Finders promotion.

Hoodwinked Escape
151 W.l 116 Street at Historic Graham Court
NY, NY 10026
Open 7 Days a Week; 11am  – 11pm

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