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Forever Young Lindenmere Adult Camp Experience

Last weekend, Sept 15-17, I had the opportunity to experience the 2nd 2017 session of the all-inclusive Forever Young Lindenmere Adult Camp, in the Poconos. The attendance size was on the smaller side (approx 80 ppl) compared to some of the more well known adult camps, but this wasn’t an issue for me because it gave me the opportunity to get to know more people. Mingle-schmingle, ya know!

I chose the bus pickup from NYC rather than driving myself because who wants to have to deal with traffic going to/from camp when you can relax in the comfort of a charter bus? Not me! And although the experience was relaxing, and the camp staff was amazing, my one complaint would be about the person who showed up late and the Camp Lindenmere staff  choosing to wait 45 minutes for that person to arrive, especially since it put our departure time right smack in the middle of Friday afternoon rush hour. It was neither cool or fair to the rest of us who showed up on time. In my opinion, 15 mins is the max time you should’ve waited, after that shorty could have hitched a ride, Uber’d, Lyft’d, etc… who gives a hoot (insert side eye), you get the point! Anyway, I shall move on…

Once we finally arrived to camp, we were greeted by an enthusiastic group of camp staffers for sign in and to pick up our welcome package that included 2 t-shirts (Color War, Camp Lindenmere), a campus map, a daily schedule of activities, and a 10oz YETI tumbler (ours to keep) that we used the entire weekend to refill..refill..refill our cocktails, thanks to the open bar! SWEET!

So, onto the details of overall camp experience:
The cabins were spacious and clean, with double bunk beds that could be converted to single beds and a set of shelves for each camper to put their things on, a bathroom that included 2 sinks, 3 private showers and 2 toilet stalls, and our garbage was emptied/collected daily.

Some of the activities offered were flying trapeze, circus ropes, ziplining, Zumba, yoga, a ropes course, tennis, volleyball, a swimming pool, games, arts and crafts, like Tipsy Tie Dye and Booze & Bracelets, and a lot more. They also had two Color War teams, the White Enchanted Forest team and the Blue Mystical Reef team, The two-team activities included dodgeball, tug-o-war, and slip-n-slide, and although we had fun during those activities, the last day most people voted to do camp activities instead of the final relay race for Color Wars.  I’d say this was mainly because campers wanted to experience as much as possible before going home.
There were also nightly theme parties complete with a dance floor, foosball, ping-pong, beer-pong, food, booze, and DJs who played great music into the night.

The food was wayyy better than camp food I had when I was a kid; everything tasted really good… Eggs benedict, pancakes, quiche, shrimp, pasta, baked chicken, chicken wraps, tacos, quesadillas, waffle fries, booze, etc. did I mention the booze? My only complaints, and what I heard from other campers, was that less than an hour after the meal started, they would pack it away. Geez!! I hate to feel rushed when I’m eating, and the mealtimes should be adjusted. Breakfast at 9:30am followed by lunch at 1pm? Really?! Having breakfast that late, no one was hungry at lunchtime and everyone was starving by dinnertime at 7pm.

The Campground was huge to say the least, but not overwhelming and everything was pretty easy to find thanks to the map they gave us and the arrow signs on intersecting corners of the paths, and if you get lost there’s always super friendly, hilarious, knowledgeable, helpful, and fun camp staff roaming around to steer you in the right direction!

Finally: What would camp be like without a campfire and smores? Camp Lindenmere NAILED IT with teepees and a roundabout of wooden log benches, around the campfire!! Mmmmmm, those smores were delicious!

Would I attend Lindenmere Adult Camp again and recommend it to others? HELL YEAH!! As a matter of fact, I’m already rounding up the troops for next summer. Ya’ll going or nah?!?!

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