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It’s the first day of Spring! A season to get up, get moving and get outside.  To celebrate Pandora launches Pandora Sound On Spring campaign to help you discover your unique sound—the music that moves you, the rhythm that fuels you, the album that inspires you to be you.

In iconic locations across Nashville, San Francisco, Oakland, NYC, Miami and Atlanta, Pandora has commissioned leading street artists to create wall murals that depict their unique interpretations of sound and spring discovery.  Each mural will have a QR code that leads to a customized playlist curated by each mural artist and reflects the music that inspired their work.

New York

Artist: It’s A Living @itsaliving

  1. What was the inspiration behind your mural? The inspiration for the mural came from music and sound, the layered style of lettering is a representation of the frequencies or echo of sounds.

  2. How is this area / location significant to you?  I love Lower East Side, it’s a great area I really like because it’s vibe. It feels a lot more like Brooklyn but in Manhattan.

  3. What was your creative process for this piece? How would you describe your signature artistic style? My style at first sight is simple but it’s a combination of graphic design, art, script Lettering, Graffiti and typeface design. All these elements are things I love and somehow found my own recipe.

  4. How did you decide which tracks to include in your playlist? The playlist is very special to me because all the tracks come from skateboarding videos from 90’s and early 2000’s. At the time my biggest influence was skateboarding and allowed me to discover amazing music.

  5. What elements of these tracks correlate most with your piece? The most prominent is the street aspect of my work which relates to the track list I picked because it comes from skateboarding. Both elements come from the street and this mural is there for everybody.

  6. Which track stands out to you the most in relation to your mural? Why? Probably “Good Times” by Eric Burdon and the animals. The title describes the song itself.

Artists and their custom playlists on Pandora:


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