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Fun With AR Workshop Manhattan

AR Workshop has arrived in NYC!  Jillian Zadie, the Owner of AR Workshop Manhattan has opened up a beautiful workshop space in the heart of NYC.

AR Workshop Manhattan is a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom and trendy home decor from raw materials.  In the instructor-led workshop you can make custom wood plank signs, canvas pillows, wood framed signs, centerpiece boxes, canvas tote bags and more!  They even offer classes involving succulent plants and knitting.

There’s something for everyone so it easily makes for a great girls’ night out, date night, day out with the kids, team building event, private party or birthday party.
I made it a date outing and spent this past Sunday Funday with my loved one.  He really enjoyed it so don’t hesitate to do it with a male significant other.  You can view his project below.

Most projects range from $45-$110 and AR Workshop Manhattan provides all of the materials, tools, and instruction.  How does it work?  First step is choosing your project type (wood or canvas), your design and register online.  Once at the workshop, customize your project with their designer paints and line of non-toxic wood stains.

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Workshops last from 2-3 hours depending on the project.  Visit the website for a full workshop schedule and more information.

Tip:  July 27th and July 28th is a specialty event – HGTV “DIY Across America”.  Guests will experience HGTV Magazine hospitality by taking home a free bonus project, swag, sweets, prizes and more!

Get out there and get creative NYC!

AR Workshop Manhattan
232 3rd Avenue
NY, NY 10003

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