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NYC Spirits Showcase


If you are lucky enough to have the afternoon off hop on over to The Shanty.
The Shanty in Brooklyn is holding a NYC Spirits Showcase today.
Monday, May 18th from 12PM-4PM, 79 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY
*No RSVP Necessary
Enjoy and learn about distilled spirits, liqueurs and vermouth,
all made in New York City!
At this walk around tasting event you’ll have the opportunity to meet the makers themselves and taste some of the countries
finest craft beverages.
@barrowsintense #Ginger #Liqueur
@greenhookgin #Gin
@drinkicd #Distillery
@theliquortarian #Sorel
@kingscountydistillery @nydistilling
Port Morris Distillery
@tnenyc #Owney’s #Rum
@uncouthvermouth #Vermouth

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